Skin to skin

Skin to skin

“Skin to Skin” is a rare edition. A book of intimate close ups. Where paper folds, skins press against each other. Each booklet is a single photograph containing the grooves and curves of electric, ephemeral moments of contact. Bodies meet at a junction, however fleeting, full of raw potential.

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"The photographs were an attempt at grasping the thread of something unravelling, something becoming lost. In the last few years, I have sought the help of various specialists to solve the puzzle of my love story".
The format “Skin to Skin” now takes is a formal response to the commentaries of friends and colleagues. bella diamante publishing chooses "Skin to Skin" for her debut artist’s edition. AM bdp

Digital prints on colored paper folded into booklets.
By Antoanetta Marinov (&colleagues).
Each ca. 20 x 30 cm. 

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