At the beginning there were many beginnings. Antoanetta Marinov conjures the spectator to be an active co-author and motor of the artwork. Bella Diamante appreciates the coral and in-the-making aspect of Marinov’s works. She presents her two-dimensional, printed pieces - and her rare objects - in the context of chosen related works by art & word - colleagues.
Bella Diamante is pleased to send you her highly diluted - for a maximum of effect! - pills of beauty - wherever you are!

Bella Diamante

was born.
She smiles a cheery smile
and her eyes sparkle when
she discovers the wisp of straw
in the haystack.

Antoanetta Marinov
is an Italian Bulgarian - concept artist living and working in Berlin.
In her artwork she focusses on objects turning into art objects in the fleeting moment of contact with the public and display. Her art-work sometimes turns into a book.